Zoë Roth sells “Disaster Girl” NFT for 180 ethereum ($500,000)

  • Zoë Roth sold her now famous image of herself as a young girl outside her burning home in Mebane, North Carolina, in 2005.
  • The 2005 photograph later won a photo contest and became a meme, with the young girl with a wry smile photoshopped into other disaster scenes, including a meteor wiping out the dinosaurs.
  • @3FMusic bought Roth’s NFT for 180 Ethereum, valued at $500,000.
  • In an interview with the NYT: “Ms. Roth said selling the meme was a way for her to take control over a situation that she has felt powerless over since she was in elementary school.”
  • Ben Lashes represents Roth, as well as several other meme subjects, including “Nyan Cat,” “Grumpy Cat,” “Keyboard Cat,” “Doge,” “Success Kid,” “David After Dentist” and the “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.”