NFT auction opens for LeBron James dunks, Kobe Bryant tribute

  • House of Kibaa has opened its Top Shot auction for three highlight NFTs of LeBron James dunking.

đź‘‘LeBron James Dunk, From The Top (Series 1), Legendary #26/59 đź‘‘LeBron James Dunk, Cosmic (Series 1), Legendary #41/49 (First LeBron Legendary ever minted)
đź‘‘LeBron James Dunk, 2020 NBA Finals (Series 1), Legendary #42/79

  • The auction runs to May 20, 2021.
  • NBA Top Shots was one of the early entrants in the NFT world. The NBA partnered with Dapper Labs to create NFTs using highlight videos of NBA players. The NFTs have become like digital trading cards, only the prices are a lot higher than buying a pack of paper cards!