Viral YouTube video “David after dentist” goes on sale as NFT for thousands of dollars

  • Nearly 12 years after a video of him went viral on YouTube, David DeVore Jr. and his father are auctioning as an NFT the video that made him “YouTube famous.” The video received over 140 million views. DeVore Jr., then 7 years old, was still loopy from the anesthetic the dentist used, as the video humorously shows.
  • Of course, some people may ask why would anyone buy the NFT when the video is free to watch on YouTube. That is part of the mystique or “secret sauce” of NFTs. Using blockchain authentication, they create an original or unique edition, something that approximates being “one of a kind” on blockchain. Just as you can find many copies of the Mona Lisa, there’s only one original painting.
  • Detractors of NFTs will argue that a physical painting is different. It started out as one-of-a-kind; copies or prints of the painting were not substitutes for the original. By contrast, a digital work can exist in infinite number of copies and be perfect substitutes. The only difference with an NFT is that the creator has artificially created a unique edition by using blockchain.
  • Ultimately, as in the traditional art world, the market will decide the value of NFTs.