YouTuber Coffeezilla claims NFTs sold by Logan Paul were just edited stock photos from Adobe

  • Self-described Internet sleuth and YouTuber who goes by the handle “Coffeezilla” alleges that some of NFTs sold by Logan Paul in his Cryptozoo collection are just photo-shopped images taken from Adobe Stock photos.
  • The evidence does raise at least a question of origin, doesn’t it? You can see the panda on Adobe Stock here. Coffeezilla provides other examples below:
  • Even assuming Coffeezilla’s allegation has some validity, Adobe Stock photos can be acquired with different licenses. The Extended License allows modifying the asset, as well as use in merchandise or other products for resale.
  • If an Extended License had been obtained by Logan Paul, there might not be any problem in using the stock photo for an NFT, in which case there would be no copyright infringement. The Adobe license doesn’t specifically mention use in NFTs, but the license might be interpreted to allow such uses.
  • Of course, some people might still object to a photoshopped image of an Adobe Stock photo being sold for high prices. But isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder? (Coffeezilla says Paul sold $1.3M in NFTs in the 1st day of launch.)