The Top 5 Reasons for all the hype about NFTs

  • In this vlog, we analyze the market for NFTs and the Top 5 Reasons for all the hype.
  1. Investment: NFTs are new digital assets, creating a gold rush and a “strike it rich” mentality.
  2. Collectibles: NFTs are like collectibles; people collect them especially for their rarity, just like sports and Pokemon cards.
  3. Visual: most NFTs are visual and more accessible than cryptocurrency.
  4. Community/club: some NFTs provide membership to an elite club (e.g., Bored Ape Yacht Club) or a community, with extra perks, such as in the gaming world.
  5. Social media: some of the hype is driven by social media chatter (influencers and potentially bots) and FOMO.
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