Cashing in on old memes: NFT Screenshot of 2013 viral YouTube video of “Side Eyeing” Chloe Clem’s sells for 25 ETH ($76,000)

  • In 2013, Katie Clem posted a YouTube video of her two daughters. When Katie exuberantly said, “Chloe we’re going to Disneyland,” Chloe, sitting in the backseat, gives her mother the biggest “side eye” expression.” The video now has amassed 20 million views.
  • On Friday, a simple screenshot from the video sold as an NFT for 25 ETH ($76,000) to  3F Music, a Dubai-based music production company. 3F previously purchased NFTs of the “Overly Attached Girlfriend” and “Disaster Girl” memes.
  • 25 ETH is a huge amount for a screenshot NFT, but it was lower than the expected amount based on the prior sales of “Disaster Girl” for $500,000 and “Overly-Attached Girlfriend” for $400,000. As Mashable points out, the amount and value of sales for NFTs have recently dropped from its highs. (For more, check out Mashable.)
  • Still, $76,000 for a screenshot from an old YouTube video shot in 2013!