Anthony Hopkins’ movie “Zero Contact” to be sold in NFTs

  • Just about anything and everything can be turned into an NFT. A sci-fi movie starring Anthony Hopkins called “Zero Contact” is being sold first as NFTs, reportedly with footage from the movie.
  • The producer Vuele describes the movie on OpenSea: “Zero Contact is the first Star-Powered Feature film NFT. The film stars Academy Award winning actor, Anthony Hopkins. These are original generative artwork by REMO x DCsan, who were recently featured on ArtBlocks. It’s the first interactive NFT puzzle that updates as the clues are solved.”
  • If you want to buy one of the NFTs, some are still for sale.
  • The NFTs provide clues to a puzzle: “The Zero Contact generative art will also serve as access to a treasure hunt that unlocks hidden messages in the film; decode them and win redeemable prizes. Should HODLers choose to collaborate with one another, they will more easily unlock the door to the Zero Contact universe. Trying to solve the puzzle alone is possible, but will require intense thinking and research. (1 of 10 Editions).”
  • Interesting concept, but it seems like a lot of work in watching a movie!
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on