Generative art Ringers #109 NFT by Dmitri Cherniak sells for $6.94 M (2100 ETH)

  • The emergence of generative art, using some algorithmic program in the creation of digital artworks associated with a collection of NFTs, sometimes numbering in the thousands, has become one of the most eye-popping aspects of the NFT market.
  • Last week, the generative art Ringers #109 by Dmitri Cherniak on ArtBlocks sold for 2100 ETH or $6.94 million on OpenSea.
  • The collection is described: “There are an almost infinite number of ways to wrap a string around a set of pegs. On the surface it may seem like a simple concept but prepare to be surprised and delighted at the variety of combinations the algorithm can produce. Each output from ‘Ringers’ is derived from a unique transaction hash and generated in Javascript in the browser. Feature variations include peg count, sizing, layout, wrap orientation, and a few colorful flourishes for good measure.”