Lil Pump ft. Soulja Boy sold $500,000 in S-NFTs, security NFTs, for song “Mona Lisa”

  • Disruption continues to occur in the music industry. Opulous offers decentralized finance to musicians who can raise capital by selling copyright NFTs. Instead of being signed to a major label, musicans can seek to finance themselves by selling interests in their copyrights.
  • Opulous is using a vehicle called a “security NFT” or S-NFT. CoinTelegraph describes it as follows: “a special token standard that was created in conjunction with the Republic to represent investments that fans make in artists’ songs.”
  • Lil Pump ft. Soulja Boy raised $500,000 from sales of S-NFTs for their single, “Mona Lisa.”
  • Opulous also has a cryptocurrency (OPUL). CoinTelegraph describes how OPUL has risen 1,095% since Sept. 29.