Buy a Banksy for $1,500?: Fractional NFT ownership of Banksy art, valued at $12.9M, split into 10,000 NFTs

  • NYT’s Robin Pogrebin has a fascinating article about former Christie’s executive Loic Gouzer’s new company Particle Collection. It’s selling ownership of a $12.9 million Banksy artwork “Love Is in the Air” in 10,000 fractional shares each priced at the bargain price of $1,500.
  • Of course, fractional ownership of real estate (aka time share) has been around forever.
  • Earlier this year, Emily Yang aks pplpleaser sold fractional NFTs of The Doge NFT she purchased — how meta is that?
  • Particle Collection is doing something similar, only with fractional interests in the physical artwork by Banksy.
  • The sale starts Jan. 10, 2022. Will post a link once it becomes available.