RTFKT CLONE X + Murakami NFTs sell for $100,000 – $600,000, but license limits use to noncommercial uses

  • After the big reveal of the RTFKT CLONE X + Murakami NFTs, they started hitting the secondary market. The top sales went for impressive prices between $100,000 to $600,000, as compiled by NFT-Stats.
  • The higher priced NFTs apparently contained avatars with so-called “Murakami traits” added by the famed artist Murakami.
  • But, unfortunately, those Murakami-trait NFTs come with a restrictive content license that limits the buyer of the NFT to only personal, noncommercial uses of displaying and performing the NFT.
  • By contrast, RTFKT apparently allows Clone-X NFTs without any Murakami traits to be used commercially up to $1M. One person on Twitter called this dichotomy in licenses “just pure idiocy.” Another complained that those terms should have been disclosed before the sale. (It’s unclear whether they were.)