Karl Lagerfeld drops fashion NFTs today

  • Karl Lagerfeld announced a drop of two new lines of fashion NFTs designed in collaboration with London-based street artist, Endless: “500 figurines of one NFt will be released for 100 euros, called KLxEndless. A more exclusive version – KL7xEndless – will be available for 777 euros, with only 7 editions up for grabs.” [United Fashion]
  • They will be dropped on December 17 on Dematerialised. Click here.
  • The way in which fashion labels have gone full force into NFTs and virtual fashion for metaverse is downright impressive, if not mindblowing. Some fashion brands have focused on virtual fashion wear for gaming–which could be an attempt to expand the market of consumers to gamers, who typically are early adopters of new technologies like NFTs.
  • Almost overnight, the fashion industry has made the unthinkable thinkable. As Muchaneta Kapfunde of Interline aptly put it, “A few years ago, the idea of spending real money on virtual clothes seemed far-fetched unless you were part of the gaming world. Now, as NFTs continue to tap into the human desire to own something rare, digital fashion houses like The Fabricant have become the catalyst for normalising the idea of digital clothes after successfully auctioning a unique NFT for $9500.”
  • We hope to do an in-depth analysis of the fashion industry NFTs. Here’s a list of other NFTs so far: