Dennis Rodman buys 2 Cryptomories NFTs–so did I. Here’s why.

  • Over the weekend, NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman purchased 2 NFTs from the Cryptomories collection on OpenSea. They were his very first NFT purchases. Congrats, Dennis Rodman!
  • Cryptomories were designed by the interdimensional artist iwwon. Cryptomories are meant to be reminders that life is short: ” ‘memento mori’ means ‘remember you die’ in latin. It is an old saying used to remind people that life is short, and must be lived to the fullest. It is very often symbolized by a skull. CryptoMories are 10 000 little skeletons here to remind you that life is good, that there are a lot of amazingly kind people, and that you are one of them. Focus on your greatness.” In a pandemic going into its second year, who can disagree with the message?
  • Well, as things turned out, I also bought 2 CryptoMories NFTs on the same weekend Rodman did. But we didn’t coordinate our purchases!
  • Here’s why I bought CryptoMories: Over the weekend, I received some wonderful news. Jason Watkins, an NFT cultural anthropologist and project strategist, told me that he had read my paper on “The Bored Ape Business Model: Decentralized Collaboration via Blockchain and NFTs.” In the paper, I describe how Yuga Labs has adopted a Decentralized-Collaboration (De-Collab) license for the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. The license grants unlimited commercialization rights, including the right to make derivative works, to NFT buyers.
  • Being an academic, I’m happy if someone just reads my scholarship. But Jason took it to another level. He pitched the idea of using De-Collab licenses to the creative team behind the CryptoMories and referred them to read my article! Thank you, Jason!
  • The CryptoMories team loved the idea and announced on December 17 they have adopted a De-Collab license, similar to the Bored Ape license.
  • To celebrate this wonderful news and support the CryptoMories community, I decided to join the so-called FaMorie by buying two NFTs. And today I’ll be using one of them as my pfp!
  • I am happy to support projects that I believe in. Decentralized collaboration is the future of creative production in Web3. And I’m writing a lot more scholarship on NFTs. Stay tuned.