Steph Curry drops 2,974 NFTs to commemorate all-time 3 point record, but buyers only get noncommercial use rights

  • In partnership with Under Armour, Steph Curry dropped 2,974 pairs of “Genesis Curry Flow” sneakers as NFTs. Each NFT was priced at $333. They sold out quickly!
  • They are now selling for over $5,000 on OpenSea. Go there if you want a pair!
  • According to, “This NFT was built in 5 unique versions, each assigned a class of rarity. Upon delivery of the NFT, discover which version you have unlocked! As the owner of the Genesis Curry Flow, you will be entitled to claim Metaverse Curry Flows from of our partners; Decentraland, Sandbox and Gala Games. Follow the schedule to see what other drops you will receive as the owner for the Genesis Curry Flow.”
  • The website is well-designed–super sleak–and easy to navigate and sync with a wallet. Kudos to Curry and Under Armour for designing a website that works!!
  • Limited license only to NFT buyer: Buyers are limited to “use, publish and display” the virtual Curry sneaker only for “(a) for their own personal, non-commercial use; or (ii) to display the Main Asset for resale.” No other rights.
  • The approach is similar to the restrictive approach of the NBA Top Shots. But Steph Curry is an owner of a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT, which uses a De-Collab license giving unlimited commercialization rights to Bored Ape owners. He might not be aware of it. But, if he is, I wonder if he gave the De-Collab license any consideration.
  • Click here to read the IP license for Curry NFTs.