PhantaBear NFTs go on bull run, 1 week after launch, doubling in floor price in 1 day. Are PhantaBears the next Bored Apes?

  • PhantaBear NFTs on a bull run, just a week after their launch.
  • Within the past 24 hours, the floor has nearly doubled to 8.5 ETH ($26,000), though now it’s at 7.2 ETH or $22,000!!
  • One already sold for 33 ETH or $103,581.
  • Jay Chou, the founder of fashion label PHANTACi, along with Ezek, are the creative team behind PhantaBears. “PhantaBear is a collection of 10,000 algorithmically generated digital collectibles that double as membership cards for the Ezek Club.”
  • Some people on Twitter have speculated that there’s huge demand for PhantaBears in Asia, although we haven’t seen any data on that.
  • You can find PhantaBears selling on OpenSea here.