BREAKING NEWS: VI Punks page removed from OpenSea due to DMCA notice from Larva Labs; V1 Punks plan on sending counter-notice; then Larva may file copyright lawsuit over VI CryptoPunks

  • Four days ago, we reported about the escalating situation between Larva Labs, the creator of the legendary CryptoPunks, and owners of the so-called “V1 Punks” or version 1 CryptoPunks, which originally had an error in their smart contracts in 2017. (Check out the history here.)
  • John Watkinson of Larva Labs said it was going to “take action” against V1 Punks owners for “copyright infringement” after receiving complaints from V2 CryptoPunks owners.
  • UPDATE 4:37 PM: V1 Punks posted the DMCA notice OpenSea received from Larva Labs. V1 Punks plans on sending a counter-notice to OpenSea disputing the claim of copyright infringement. Then Larva Labs would have to seek a court order. So a copyright lawsuit against V1 Punks may be filed in the next 2 weeks or so. Click here to read our summary of procedure under the DMCA.