Music NFTs – List of music labels and startups

  • Billboard and Universal Music announced a partnership to sell music NFTs on the environmentally conscious Flow blockchain.
  • The NFTs will be called Chartstars NFTs featuring “officially licensed art and creative including short visual clips from music videos, and album photography.” [More from]
  • We expect 2022 will be a major year for music NFTs. Here’s a running list of players in the music NFT space.

MUSIC NFT Platforms

  1. Royal platform and 3Lau
  2. OneOf platform and Warner Music partnership
  3. MakersPlace platform and Sony Music investment
  4. John Legend and Vibes platform on OurSong platform
  5. Musicoin
  6. bitsong
  7. OnChain Music
  8. Opulous

Musicians and Music NFTs

  1. Billboard, Universal Music partnership and Chartstars NFTs
  2. Steve Aoki
  3. Snoop Dogg and Def Jam Recordings
  4. Timbaland and Ape-In Productions
  5. Jimmy McNelis, Bored Apes and Universal Music
  6. Kings of Leon