Bored Ape owners share life-changing experience from APECOIN drop from BAYC

  • Yesterday, Yuga Labs and the Bored Ape Yacht Club launched the new ApeCoin overseen by the newly created Ape Foundation. The official website is (Please avoid scam websites posing as an apecoin site.)
  • Each Bored Ape owner or Mutant Ape owner received the following number of APECOINS:
Bored Ape only10,094 tokens
Mutant Ape only2,042 tokens
Bored Ape + Kennel Club(token IDs do not need to match)10,950 tokens
Mutant Ape + Kennel Club(token IDs do not need to match)2,898 tokens
  • Because some Bored Ape owners own many Apes, the ApeCoin drop amounted to what can be likened to a stock dividend valued, for some owners, in the millions of dollars.
  • The current price of ApeCoin is $14.47 [click here for current price].
  • If we round that number up to $14.50, here’s how it would translate:
    • 1 Bored Apes = $146,363
    • 10 Bored Apes = $1,463,630
    • 20 Bored Apes = $2,927,260
    • 50 Bored Apes = $7,318,150
    • 100 Bored Apes = $14,636,300
  • Obviously, the ApeCoin is life-changing for many Bored Ape owners. Below are some of them:
Value = around $22M