Aku Dreams NFT launch for Akutars has coding snafu in its Dutch auction, reportedly locking $34M in funds

  • Micah Johnson, the creator behind the young black astronaut Aku NFTs, had an unfortunate setback yesterday that no NFT creator ever wants to face.
  • During the launch of the Akutars on Friday, someone discovered a “gas griefing vulnerability” in the smart contract. This vulnerability allowed a third party to lock up the ETH funds that people had used to bid on the Akutars. Apparently, only the unidentified third party can unlock the $34M in ETH. Good grief! Who would do such a thing? Hope the person releases the funds.
  • UPDATE 4/25: Apparently the locked $34M in funds is irreversible. But today the air drop of Akutars occurred.
  • Micah Johnson issued an apology to his community of Akutar supporters.