How did Goblintown NFTs eclipse mfers NFTs? The battle of the no roadmap, no utility, CC0 collections.

  • It’s fun to watch an NFT collection that, like Seinfeld, aspires to nothing. No roadmap. No utility. Donate all IP rights to the artwork to the public domain under a Creative Commons 0 (CC0) license.
  • Sartoshi set the playbook for this brand of NFTs with his mfers. Read Sartoshi’s explanation by clicking the link below.
  • Well, a new kid is on the block, the Goblintown. In two weeks, the floor price shot up to 7 ETH. Even in this downturn in ETH, that’s very impressive given the general downturn in NFTs. The Goblintown floor price now (6.9 ETH) is close to triple mfers’ floor (2.44 ETH). Hard to explain why. But it’s a fascinating development.
  • Goblins and derivatives of them made up 43.7% of the sales volume on OpenSea on June 2. Staggering. Would be interesting to see if they are coming from only a few whales, though.