Following OpenSea’s defense of creator royalties, X2Y2 and Blur abandon controversial “Zero Royalties” policies in favor of creator royalties

  • Great news! It appears that the existential threat to Web3 and creators has been averted. After OpenSea announced, on November 9, its respect for creator royalties (and defensive mechanisms that creators can choose to block the sale of their NFTs on other “Zero Royalties” marketplaces where royalties for creators were optional or not enforced), both X2Y2 and Blur have announced they will be respecting and distributing creator royalties as well.

This is a great development for Web3 during one of the darkest moments in the crypto world. Credit goes to all the artists, creators, and allies who organized a campaign to convince OpenSea not to rollback its respect for creator royalties. Incredible to see a decentralized campaign in action!