Court’s decision in Bored Ape trademark lawsuit Yuga Labs v Ryder Ripps motion to dismiss explained (download PDF)

  • Bored Ape trademark lawsuit update. Ryder Ripps lost his bid to have the Yuga Labs trademark lawsuit against him and Jeremy Cahen quickly dismissed under California’s anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) law.
  • The district court in California also rejected Ripps’ motion to dismiss the lawsuit, except with respect to Yuga Labs’ unjust enrichment claim, which Yuga withdrew. Judge John F. Walter rejected all of Ripps’ arguments, in an order that took a very skeptical view of Ripps’ arguments, along with his alleged uses of Bored Ape trademarks and images in selling RR/BAYC NFTs. This is an early decision and the case must proceed forward potentially to a trial, but the court’s order is no doubt favorable to Yuga Labs.
  • You can download the court’s decision rejecting Ryder Ripps’ motion by clicking here.