The Top 10 Web3 NFT Moments in 2022 (by nouNFT)

  • Wow. What a wild year 2022 has been! We’ve compiled our Top 10 Web3 NFT Moments in 2022. It’s hard to believe all these events occurred in 2022!

Top 10 Web3 NFT Moments in 2022

10. The crypto winter decimates NFT sales + crypto

9. Yuga Labs secures $450M seed funding led by a16z

8. Reddit launches 5m NFTs for avatars for users

7. Terra LUNA implodes, causing Cryptocurrency Contagion

6. Yuga Labs sues Ryder Ripps; Ryder Ripps sues Yuga Labs

5. Upstart NFT marketplaces circumvent creator royalties by
adopting Zero Royalties

4. SEC classifies FTT as unregistered securities in FTX complaint – ominous for utility NFTs

3. Yuga Labs, 18 celebrities sued in class-action securities lawsuit

2. Sam Bankman-Fried indicted after FTX implodes

1. Larva Labs sells CryptoPunks to rival Yuga Labs, owner of Bored Apes