Stolen CryptoPunk #3706 is rescued by community and returned to CryptoNovo

  • At the 2022 NFT.NYC, we had the chance to hear CryptoNovo, a school teacher whose life was changed by buying a CryptoPunk, which he turned into his identity or persona. IRL, he wore a costume identical to the CryptoPunk #3706 he purchased.
  • Unfortunately, last week, CrypoNovo had his CryptoPunk stolen and was completely devastated. He sought counseling at the hospital. Just imagine your entire identity was stolen.
  • Luckily, this incident has a happy ending. Members of the CryptoPunks community banded together to raise funds to buy back the stolen NFT.
  • Such happy endings don’t always happen with stolen NFTs, which remain a huge problem for Web3. But it’s great to hear when they do.