VIDEO of THE 2-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF HISTORIC SALE: Beeple Studios opens to great fanfare — is the future of art digital?

  • Two years ago, Mike Winkelmann, aka “Beeple,” had a historic art sale. Christie’s sold his Everydays: The First 5,000 Days, a composite of 5,000 daily digital artworks he created over 13 years, for $69.3 million.
  • The sale was the third highest for a living artist at auction–behind the luminaries David Hockney and Jeff Koons. The Wall Street Journal announced the sale on the front page of its paper edition the next day (see below).
  • Prior to the sale, Beeple had not sold an art print for as much as $100. He had never been to a gallery opening.
  • In two years, Beeple sold over $100 million in digital artwork NFTs and helped to spark a new market for digital art and NFTs. He used some of the money to build a 50,000 square foot studio in Charleston, South Carolina.

Is the future of art digital?

  • So is the future of art digital? In my book, yes! Literally. In my forthcoming book, Creators Take Control, I explain the rise of digital art, generative art, and AI art, including Beeple’s historic sale on Mar. 11, 2021.
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Highlights from Beeple Studios’ opening night

  • The highlights from the opening gala look wild!
  • Beeple’s new Studio is another way in which artists can bypass the traditional art world.