Deji Art Museum in China acquires Beeple’s new work “S.2122”

  • Beeple announced on Twitter that the Deji Art Museum in China acquired his new immersive work “S.2122.”
  • It resembles the phone booth structure of HUMAN ONE, but this time with a structure in the ocean to depict a world affected by climate change.

“I strongly believe artworks like this, that blend the physical and digital world represent a massive opportunity to draw new people into to what we do and get them to see the true potential of these mediums…”


Beeple’s new artwork “S.2122”

Beeple’s sale of “Everydays” for $69.3M elevated NFT digital art

  • If you’d like to learn more about Beeple (aka Mike Winkelmann), a chapter of my book Creators Take Control discusses his meteoric rise to fame as a NFT digital artist–and his significance for 21st century art.
  • Art critics have widely panned his works. But that’s to be expected. Most major disruptions in art met backlash.