Grant Riven Yun, artist, sells NFT at Christie’s for $107,100

  • Grant Riven Yun had a big day. A very big day. The NFT digital artist, based in Milwaukee, saw one of his artworks, Midwest, sell for $107,100 at a Christie’s auction.
  • Yun describes his distinctive style as “Neo-Precisionism,” a mix of minimalism and nostalgia.
Who is Grant Riven Yun?
  • In an interview with One37pm, he described how explored art in college after playing around with Microsoft PPT, Apple Keynote, and then Adobe Illustrator.
  • Indeed, Yun explains that he honed his skills using Powerpoint.
  • Yun describes his artistic influences, including Ed Ruscha and Grant Wood. He said he was transfixed by “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.”
A part of the Virtual Renaissance
  • Yun’s first development as an artist using Powerpoint reminds me of Osinachi using Microsoft Word to create his artworks, which I discuss in my book Creators Take Control.
  • Yet another reason why digital art will define the 21st century. Today’s creators honed their skills on digital platforms. Indeed, Yun admits that he was “shaped through emerging digital gaming culture.”
  • We are witnessing the Virtual Renaissance in which the avante garde art is digital and AI art.