Refik Anadol’s AI artwork “Winds of Yawanawa” NFTs, in collab with Yawanawa people, defy NFT market decline

  • Refik Anadol continues to innovate with his AI artworks, which are created using data of information Anadol collects, such as weather data.
  • His work Unsupervised is still showing at MoMA through October 29. And his TED talk is now available.
  • In a set of NFTs titled “Winds of Yawanawa,” Anadol collaborated with the Yawanawá people in Brazil to create 1,000 “data paintings” generated from real-time weather data taken from the Amazon rainforest, where the Yawanawá people live; and the data are then fed into an AI program to produce the stunning visual artworks.
  • The collection of NFTs have continued to rise in floor price, at one point reaching an ATH of 12.22 ETH. Currently, the floor price is above 10 ETH ($16,228 USD). It defies the massive downturn in the NFT market–and shows that some artists are still flourishing.
  • Anadol is donating all of his proceeds back to the Yawanawá people. So far, the NFT sales have raised $3 million for the Yawanawá people to “build a museum, school, and village.”
  • Said Anadol, “The world has so many problems—wars, separations, conflicts and beyond. How I can bring more inspiration, joy, and hope is my ultimate imagination.”
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