, my new website for AI art news

Happy to share this video with you, announcing my new website [click here].

We’ll cover the latest news and controversies related to AI art, as well as have interviews with AI artists. Sometimes, we will cross post articles, but please visit our new site.

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My WaPo op-ed: The Copyright Office’s denial of copyright to AI-prompted images hurts progress and U.S. creators

Neither the Copyright Clause nor the Copyright Act imposes a requirement that authors must exercise exacting control over the creative process, much less that they must be able to predict ahead of time the final product in every aspect. Such a crabbed view of authorship goes against how artistic works are often created.

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Announcing our new sister site: “Nou AI Art” for all the latest on AI art and ChatGPT text-to-image generators

We are so happy to announce the launch of our new sister site: Nou AI Art.

Nou AI Art is an online magazine devoted to the latest news and developments related to AI Art. We cover this fast-growing new art form, including artworks produced from Chat-GPT based text-to-image generators, Midjourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion. We will also discuss the controversies over AI Art, including human job displacement, potential copyright infringement, eligibility for copyrights, and whether it should be considered an “art.”

Check it out!

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AI artist Claire Silver, Register of Copyrights Shira Perlmutter discuss copyrightability of AI art on NPR with Scott Detrow

“I would say to please speak with the people who are making these systems – Emad of Stability AI is a good example – to understand exactly how they work and exactly the role of data in the process, and understand that we’re at the point where AI can read images from MRI brain scans and reinterpret them as similar images. I don’t see how traditional copyright will be able to hold up in the coming decade. With technology like that, I think you need to rethink how we look at influence, how we look at authorship.”

-Claire Silver on authorship

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