Why did Moonbirds fall so far?

Most NFT projects faced a steep decline in their floor prices during the crypto winter, which is still ongoing.

But Moonbirds was considered one of the blue chip projects, at least in the same category as Doodles and CloneX. And it had $50 million in reserves, a luxury that few NFT projects have.

In this crypto winter, it’s quite possible that Moonbirds would have fallen to where it has, even if the team had avoided the missteps. On the other hand, the revival of Pudgy Penguins provides at least one major success story during the crypto winter that shows it can be done.

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NFTs are dead. Wait, Nakamigos are booming.

The crypto winter has been frigid. Most NFT projects–outside of the clear market leader Yuga Labs, which continues to build the Otherside–are trying to weather the storm of the economic downturn.

But just when you think you have a handle on the NFT market, it can change in a blink of an eye.

The Nakamigos projects–pixelated characters reminiscent of the CryptoPunks, but in a kind of miniature sized body–are all the rage.

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MoonBirds owners get “full commercial art rights for the Moonbird they own,” apparently similar to Bored Ape License

Last fall, we reported the then-unusual approach of the Bored Ape Yacht Club IP license. It gave all owners unlimited commercialization rights to their Bored Apes, including the ability to make derivative works. We explained how the Bored Ape IP License was a decentralized collaboration license or De-Collab license because it enabled owners to engage…

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MoonBirds sets record for NFTs, going from 2.5ETH to 20ETH floor on 2d day of sales

Just when you thought all’s quiet on the NFT front, a new collection called MoonBirds decided to prove you wrong. In a 2 day period, MoonBirds set records. It had 66.1K volume in trades, reportedly more than Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana combined during the same period. MoonBirds went from 2.5ETH to over an unbelievable 20ETH,…

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