Playing to earn: Sam Peurifoy quits lucrative Goldman Sachs job to play games in metaverse–and earn money

  • If you haven’t heard the concept of “playing to earn,” today is the day. Playing to earn describes the ability to play online games and earn cryptocurrency while doing so.
  • Axie Infinity is one such game. Players can earn tokens or Smooth Love Potions while playing, and also NFTs called Axies. Players can then sell them for cryptocurrency. For more, visit here.
  • Sam Peurifoy, 27 years old, had a great job at Goldman Sachs. But he quit so he could focus on crypto. He is known as the “captain” and “Das Kapitalist” on Axie. According to the Insider, he said “gaming is just an evening and weekend hobby right now while he works full-time as a director at crypto-custody-and-execution firm Floating Point Group.” (Markets Insider)
  • But Peurifoy also said if he cashed in on the gaming perks he’s earned, “his annual income from the gaming ecosystem exceeds his salary and bonus at the research division at Goldman Sachs.”
  • Do you want to play to earn now? Who’s in?