Elijah Wood caught in scandal over buying “Jungle Freaks” NFTs by George Trosley, who depicted blacks in racist cartoons for Hustler

  • Well, you wake up for the latest NFT news and find a racism scandal. Elijah Wood bought an NFT from the “Jungle Freaks” collection by 74 year old cartoonist George Trosley.
  • The only problem: Trosley, when a cartoonist for Hustler magazine, depicted blacks in cartoons that were downright racist. (Trigger warning: racist cartoons).
  • In that light, even the name of the NFT collections gives pause.
  • When Wood learned of the racist cartoons, he immediately sold off his Trosley NFTs and donated the money to LDF and Black Lives Matter.
  • The Trosley family has issued an apology.
  • Wow, just wow.