Seoul government invests $3.3M to build city government in metaverse

  • I gave a public lecture yesterday explaining why I think the shift to a metaverse will not be a giant leap after we’ve all been on Zoom during the pandemic. Well, “on Nov. 3, the South Korean capital announced a plan to make a variety of public services and cultural events available in the metaverse, an immersive internet that relies on virtual reality.” [Quartz]
  • Under Mayor Oh Se-hoon’s plan, Seoul’s city government will build public services in metaverse by 2023. It will be called Metaverse 123 Center.
  • Instead of visiting city hall, people can seek public services in Metaverse 123 Center.
  • South Korea has an ambitious national Digital New Deal to “embrace digital and AI tools to improve healthcare, central infrastructure, and the economy.”
  • Buckle up, folks.