Budweiser buys domain beer.eth and drops first set of NFTs

  • On Aug. 24, 2021, Budweiser bought the domain “beer.eth” for 30ETH ($95,000). The domain .eth stands for the Ethereum based name service on the Ethereum blockchain. The domain provides a user-friendly name associated with the 42-character hexadecimal address derived from the last 20 bytes of the public key controlling the account with 0x appended in front. With the .eth domain name, you can send and receive Ethereum. [Learn more.]
  • On Nov. 29, 2021, Budweiser sold out its first NFT collection called the “Heritage Collection” in less than an hour. Yes, in less than an hour!
  • The collection consisted of 1,936 NFTs with images of cans of Budweiser dating back in time. The NFTs were priced at $999.
  • Buckle up, folks.