Solana based Metaplex CEO Stephen Hess wants to make NFTs accessible to everyone

  • Metaplex has another CEO. Adam Jefferies was just named CEO in Sept. 2021.
  • Now former Solana Labs product chief Stephen Hess has been named CEO.
  • Metaplex stands out for being based on the Solana protocol, which is more energy efficient than the current, popular Ethereum-based protocol.
  • According to Coinrivet, Metaplax has been quite successful already (despite the great popularity of NFTs on Ethereum): “Following a sensational year with more than 7.4 million NFTs minted across 94,000 projects and a whopping one million wallets holding SOL-based NFTs.”
  • “Hess said the plan was to make NFTs as accessible as possible for everyone in the world.”
  • Metaplex has partnered with Coachella, Snoop Dogg, and Street Dreams.
  • Given the more sustainable Solana protocol, Metaplex appears to be well-positioned to work with environmentally-conscious brands.